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- B.Lenin

Film Editor

  • To develop a socially-productive and- responsible youth.
  • To empower society, directly, to create and sustain an empathetic response to social development through plays.
  • To evolve a theatre-based pedagogy for the development of Children.
  • Build a Resource Centre to train in theatre, resource persons and facilitators to house research material, scripts, properties, curriculum and the like, to be a repository of the existing and future knowledge on theatre techniques and its areas of application and their results.
  • Combine the knowledge and experience gained from working in various schools to use theatre and theatrical elements to create a Theatre Arts Curriculum for children in general and pedagogy for children with special needs in particular.
  • Communicate to society the need to create and sustain an empathetic awareness of various social issues by empowering through theatre NGOs/NPOs engaged in social development.